Thrane&Thrane 旗下的SAILOR品牌为整个GMDSS市场带来了全新标准的体积更小功能更强大的SAILOR GMDSS工作台。SAILOR GMDSS 系列工作台将创新的功能、可靠的质量与简便的操作进行了完美的结合,是所有航海船只的必要设备。


SAILOR mini-C SSAS——Ship Security Alert System

The SAILOR TT-3000SSA System is based upon the well-known and reliable Inmarsat-C service, known for its unique role in maritime safety and for more than a decade an integral part of the IMO's GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System). It has been developed by Thrane & Thrane to supply customers with a system that fulfils the new SOLAS requirements from IMO (International Maritime Organisation).


The SAILOR TT-3000SSA system from Thrane & Thrane presents the owner with the following benefits:

Reliability: Based on the existing Inmarsat-C service, renowned for reliability and for more than a decade part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

Cost-effectiveness: No monthly subscription fees - one time installation cost only. Airtime costs charged per transmission only.

Ship Security Alert: The SAILOR TT-3000SSA alerts are sent as covert message. This functionality enables direct?routing to a selected destination address. The system enables secure remote configuration of destination addresses. System test and end-to-end test-alert functionality.

Flexibility: Total flexibility in routing to anti piracy centres, e-mail addresses, GSM phones, fax, telex, telephone modems and other Inmarsat-C terminals.

Tracking?features: The SAILOR TT-3000SSA System offers the opportunity to use additional fleet tracking software, which will enhance Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) and fleet tracking possibilities.

Support: Full support by the Thrane & Thrane global distributor and partner network, with more than 10 years experience in delivery, installation and support of Inmarsat C-systems.

Quality: Elevation is -15° ensuring operation even in high sea. Developed to meet your needs at sea, Thrane & Thrane products are your assurance of quality, durability, constant reliability and ease of use.

Long Range Identification and Tracking: The SAILOR TT-3000SSA fully meets and exceedes requirements for LRIT and should also be concidered as the main carrier of LRIT transmissions.


Thrane & Thrane has received Type Approval for its SSA system from Inmarsat and all major classification societies. These include Det Norske veritas (DNV), Lloyds Register, Germanischer Lloyd (GL), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Chinese Classification Society (CCS), Russian Maritime Administration (RMA), and?US Coast Guard acceptances. In addition, the SAILOR TT-3000SSA has received system acceptances from a number of flag states. The process of receiving these acceptances is ongoing.



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